Spiritual Life

The Mind, Body, and Spirit Connection

Recognizing the profound significance of addressing spiritual needs alongside physical well-being, Wesleyan Village and Meadows prioritizes a holistic approach to senior care. We acknowledge the intrinsic link between maintaining a spiritual routine and enhancing mental and physical health, particularly in the context of aging. Beyond catering to physical needs, our commitment extends to fostering a supportive environment for spiritual fulfillment. We provide opportunities for residents to engage in weekly worship services and enriching Bible studies. These activities not only nurture a sense of community but also contribute to the overall wellness of our residents by promoting a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. We believe that attending to spiritual health is integral to the comprehensive care and happiness of individuals in their later years, recognizing the profound impact it can have on their overall quality of life. At Wesleyan, we are dedicated to catering to the spiritual and religious needs of all our residents, understanding that they represent diverse faith traditions and beliefs. While we honor Wesleyan’s Methodist and Christian roots, we also embrace the rich tapestry of different faiths within our communities. We believe that a fulfilling retirement lifestyle should encompass opportunities for spiritual growth, counseling, and support through life’s challenges, all of which you’ll find at Wesleyan Village and Wesleyan Meadows Life Plan Communities.

Our Chaplain

Both Wesleyan Village and Wesleyan Meadows campuses are supported by a full-time chaplain, Rev. Kurt D. Walker, an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA). Rev. Walker provides pastoral and spiritual care to all residents, families, and staff members, regardless of their faith tradition or lack thereof.

Join Us for Worship Services

Everyone is invited to our non-denominational weekly worship services, along with additional services throughout the liturgical year, such as Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, All Saints’ Day, and Christmas.

Regular Worship Services:

  • Sundays at 3:30 p.m. in the Wesleyan Village Chapel.
  • Holy Communion celebrated the first Sunday of each month in the Wesleyan Village Chapel.
  • Catholic Mass held the second Friday of each month at 2 p.m. in the Wesleyan Village Chapel.
  • Vesper Services every fourth Sunday at 7 p.m. at Wesleyan Meadows.

Residents are encouraged to participate, whether as worship leaders, musicians, hand-bell choir members, or helpers during communion. Local transportation is provided for those wishing to attend services at local houses of worship, and home communion visits are available for those unable to attend.

Additional Support

Beyond worship services, Wesleyan offers various spiritual opportunities, including a resident-driven prayer chain, weekly devotions, Bible study, faith discussion groups, and a grief support group. These activities provide additional avenues for spiritual growth, fellowship, and support within our community.

For more information, contact Chaplain Kurt’s office at 440.284.9256 or his cell phone at 440.662.7252.

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