Wesleyan Village

Wesleyan Village Quarantine Process for Covid-19

Residents of the Skilled Nursing (SNF) and Assisted Living (AL) Facilities.

  1. Currently all residents are assessed for signs and symptoms of Covid-19 every shift.
  2. A temperature and Pulse Oximeter test are completed daily for further identification of Covid-19 signs and symptoms.
  3. If a resident displays signs and symptoms of Covid-19 the doctor is notified and orders for treatment are obtained. If a resident resides in the SNF, the resident may be sent to the hospital for treatment, or relocated to the fourth floor.  Here they are admitted to our designated Covid-19 unit where they are in a private room.  All of these rooms have required Personal Protective Equipment available for staff to use while providing care for the residents on this unit.  Once admitted to this unit a resident will remain quarantined for at minimum 14 days until the signs and symptoms have subsided and the resident tests negative for Covid-19.  Once the resident has met these requirements, they may be admitted back into the general population.
  4. If a resident resides in the AL, they may be admitted to the hospital for treatment or depending on the severity of their symptoms may remain isolated in their room. If the resident would remain in their room, the required Personal Protective Equipment would be made available for staff to use while providing care for the resident.  If the care became to heavy to remain in the AL, the resident would be relocated to the 4th floor of the SNF for care.  The same requirements must be met as stated above before the resident could return to the AL.
  5. All new admissions to the SNF are required to go to the 4th floor for 14 day quarantine. If they do not exhibit any signs and symptoms after the 14 day quarantine and test negative they will be allowed to enter the general population.
  6. Currently we have no outside visitors permitted to enter the facility to visit either SNF or AL residents. In end of life situations, we are making case-by-case decisions on visitation.
  7. Currently there is only one entrance in and out of the main facility. Everyone entering the facility must complete a Covid-19 questionnaire and pass the temperature and pulse oximeter test before they are allowed to enter the facility.
  8. Associates and vendors that exhibit signs and symptoms of Covid-19 are required to report to administration were they are individually questioned and assessed. If based on the assessment of administration, the Medical Director and or test results that the associate has Covid-19, they would be required to self-quarantine for 14 days and would not be allowed to return to work until the signs and symptoms have subsided, and they obtain a negative Covid-19 test.
  9. Currently all staff are required to wear masks at all times for the safety of our residents and fellow associates.
  10. Wesleyan Village is in the process of testing all of the SNF and AL residents and associates in an effort to stay ahead of the curve of Covid-19. These results are communicated as required by the CDC and ODH and the Lorain County Health Department.  It is our hope that through early identification we are able to isolate and treat individuals before Covid-19 is potentially spread through our facility.

This list is being provided for informational purposes and is not all encompassing of everything we do at Wesleyan Village to care for our residents.  We appreciate your continued compliance and support during this unprecedented time! If at any time you have any questions, please feel free to call Steve Wolf directly at 440-284-9202.