5 Spring Cleaning and Downsizing Tips for Seniors

By May 1, 2019

1. Make a Spring Cleaning Checklist

Even before tackling the tasks of cleaning, reorganizing, and downsizing, making a plan will help you focus on the specific tasks you want to accomplish. A checklist of things to do is a good place to start. Make a note of everything you would like to get done in your home. Decide which task on your list is most important and get started with that one. Whether it’s cleaning your closets, washing the windows, or decluttering the garage, a list will help you organize and plan.

2. Ask for Help From Family and Friends

Getting extra help from your loved ones is a great way to help the cleaning and downsizing process move smoothly and safely. Not only will the extra hands help you get the job done faster, but assistance from your family can also reduce your risk of injury. Your loved ones can help you with dusting out-of-reach places and moving heavy boxes. Additionally, this is an optimal time to discuss family heirlooms and other items you’re considering handing down or donating to charity.

3. Get Rid of Clutter ASAP

Whether you are cleaning or preparing to downsize to a senior living community, removing clutter is important for several reasons. First, eliminating clutter will free up space in your home, leaving more room for the items you truly cherish and love. Second, once the old magazines, bags and boxes are gone, it will be much easier for you to clean and reorganize your things. Third, and most important, clutter is one of the most common tripping hazards for seniors. Junk can build up in the main pathways of your home, making falls more likely to happen. Eliminate anything that blocks your path as you move around your home.

4. Donate Items in Good Condition

Sometimes it can be difficult to let go of the things we love, even if we have no use for them anymore. For your items that are in good condition, consider donating them to a local charity or community organization. There are a number of charities and community service groups seeking gently-used items to help those in need. Try researching charitable organizations with causes that are meaningful to you so that you’ll feel your donation makes a difference.

5. Perform a Safety Check in Your Home

Use the start of spring to make sure you’re safe in your home. If you can, enlist a loved one to help you with this. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Throw away expired medicine and food. Take some time to go through your medicine cabinet and your fridge, and properly dispose of any old food or unused medications.
  • Incorporate checking your smoke alarms and carbon dioxide detectors in your spring cleaning routine each year. Change the batteries and test them to make sure they’re still working. Don’t forget to check your fire extinguisher!
  • If you have a medical alert device, be sure to check the batteries for that as well.
  • Tape your rugs and carpet edges to the floor to eliminate tripping hazards.
  • Do you have grab bars or other safety equipment in your home? Make sure the screws are secure and that everything is working properly.

Carefree, Vibrant Senior Living at Wesleyan

Spring is the perfect time of the year to consider your living arrangements and think about whether downsizing your home to a maintenance-free retirement community is right for you. At Wesleyan, our communities are designed to provide a stress-free, relaxed lifestyle. From a beautiful parklike setting to interior and exterior home maintenance provided for your convenience, seniors here have everything they need to thrive and live happy, healthy lives. Contact us today for more information about our living options and amenities, or to schedule a personal tour.