Residents and friends share their insights on the services, amenities and lifestyle of Wesleyan Village and Wesleyan Meadows.

Testimonial-Bernie-Judy“We declared our independence when we chose Wesleyan!” We have a friend who became very sick and needed 24-hour care. He had made no arrangements and life became very chaotic for his family. We didn’t want that to happen to us or our children. We never wanted to feel we retired too late or held on to our home too long. Now we’re living our lives to the fullest without any worries about the future!

Judy and Bernie


“At Wesleyan there are no worries for our family or us.” “It was a big sigh of relief from the moment we moved into Wesleyan Senior Living. All responsibilities were lifted from ours shoulders. It was an awesome feeling to be only responsible for you.”

Tina and Peter


Testimonial-Jan“Everything is taken care of and there is always something to do!” “Moving to Wesleyan Senior Living has energized me! I have become more outgoing and I’ve found my creative side. I think if I were still in my house, I would be sitting around not doing anything. And, I’m still contributing to society by volunteering three days a week!”


“We reTestimonial-Ken-KIttytired from all of our worries at Wesleyan Senior Living” “We decided to look at a retirement community because we were getting older and wanted the security. We wanted to be physically, financially and socially secure in a community that satisfies our position in life”.

Ken and Kitty


Testimonial-John“Wesleyan Senior Living is an affordable choice that is totally carefree” “From a dollars and cents standpoint, you get more for your money at Wesleyan …and I like this place! Once I got rid of my house, I had the time to do the things I really wanted to do. I have so much freedom now –and lots of new friends!”



“The Promise Give us Peace of Mind”  “The promise of always being cared for an always having a home made the decision to move to Wesleyan Senior Living an easy one”.

Ellie and GerryGary and Ellie Reynolds 2 (2)





From Their Grandchildren:  “We are so grateful that our grandparents made the decision to move to Wesleyan Village so no one else had to figure out what was best for their happiness and wellness. We have super cool grandparents that took care of themselves and plans for any unknowns, they rock!”

Grandchildren of Peggy and Dalton LoveV HS Dalt and Peggy Love